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Welcome to Avance Democratic Club! 

With your membership and active participation, our Club will become a powerful force for social change. 

Together, we will increase civic participation.  We will register and engage voters.  We will cultivate the next generation of Latino political leaders.  We will support candidates that champion a progressive Latino agenda that advances our communities forward.

Achieving Avance's goals requires political power.  Political power can only be built through organized people and organized financial support. Your membership and participation in our club's activities will help create a political movement that can impact the future of Los Angeles County.

  • 800,000 Latinos citizens turn 18 and become eligible to vote every year.

  • 35+ million Latinos will be eligible to VOTE in 2024.

  • Latinos will be the largest racial or ethnic minority group in the electorate for 2020 representing 24% of the USA eligible voters. 

  • Latinos represent 18.5% of the USA population. 

*PEW Research 2020



Thank you for your support by becoming a member of Avance Democratic Club! Please click the link to select the membership level that best applies to you.


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