About Our Organization

Avance Democratic Club was officially chartered in January 2015. Our club's mission is to build Latino political power, increase Latino voter registration and civic participation, cultivate and develop Latino political leaders, and support candidates who champion the Avance agenda.

Los Angeles County is home to almost 5 million Latinos, so we must ensure our community is well represented in Democratic Party politics. With your help, Avance can make a difference and ensure the issues that are important to Latinos are included in the County, State and even National party platforms.  

Membership is open to all registered democrats who support the Latino community and the Avance agenda.

Executive Board Members

Christopher Arrellano, President 

Nilza Serrano, Vice President 

Veronica Casarez, Secretary

Ana Guerrero, Treasurer

Amalia M. Merino, Community Affairs

Ali Tweini, Labor Director

Adrian Vazquez, Legislative Director

Claudia Luna, Membership Director

Karina Macias, Communications Director 

Irene Huerta, Political Director

Jennifer Hodgins, Chief Counsel

Edgar Garcia, Director at Large