Current Endorsements

How it works:

    • The Political Director and Executive Committee are tasked with administrating the endorsement process. 
    • The process begins with the candidate or campaign completing the link to the Avance google form and emailing it with the processing fee.
    • Avance does not do early endorsements (before the filing deadline).
    • Avance’s endorsement process includes the following steps:
      • Candidates or campaigns complete the “Request for Endorsement,” which can be found on Avance's website
      • Pay the processing fee of $25.00
      • The Political Director and or a member of the Executive Committee may reach out to candidates.
      • Candidates interview in person or via Zoom during COVID with a panel endorsement committee.
        • Interviews take approx. 30 minutes per candidate.
        • Questions are prepared with the understanding of the candidate or campaign’s commitment to Avance's Latino Agenda.
        • All candidates or representatives will be asked the same questions for comparison purposes.
        • Questions are prepared for each candidate, drawn from the candidate’s questionnaire (“tell us more about that” or “you answered X, please explain your answer”)
        • Candidates or representatives will be invited to the next scheduled membership meeting. 
        • Candidates or representatives will have two minutes to speak to our members.
        • Leadership to consider the request.
        • Membership will either vote yes to endorse or not endorse.
  • A 60% vote of the voting members present is required for an endorsement.
        • Members must wait 5 days after joining the Club to vote on an endorsement.
        • Our endorsement process is constantly being evaluated, assessed, and updated.
  • Avance attempts to take up a wide variety of races within Los Angeles County: Judicial, School Board, City Councils.  Our mission is to endorse candidates and campaigns that will further the Latino agenda.


Endorsement Link For New Endorsements -  Link for new endorsements here


Processing Fee link - Fee link here